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Slide Split air conditioner is the easiest and most economical way to adjust the desired temperature - High quality and affordable price
- High aeration powe
- Equipped with Toshiba Gmcc compressor
- Dual cooling and heating capability
- Working in the temperature range of -7 to +43 degrees
- Equipped with Golden fin condenser
- It has a very unique design
- Equipped with durable filters
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Slide Iran Radiator Wall and Floor Heating Boilers As the weather gets colder, to keep the house warm, we can use a variety of packages available in the market that are better than other heating devices. Shape 1 Circle Triangle Slide Iran radiator aluminum radiators - The first holder of aluminum radiator standard in Iran
- The second largest producer of aluminum radiators in the world
- Manufacturer of more than 24 models of aluminum radiators in different sizes and shapes
- Exporter to more than 30 countries (Italy, Germany, France, Russia, etc.)
- Chosen by Iran's Standard and Industrial Research Organization as a quality sample unit at the national level
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Special sales and installments of Iran radiator products in Golestan province

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Besharati Far-Nafei specialized center with modern and up-to-date technology provides the best quality items throughout Golestan province in the field of facilities and by adopting unique measures in the selection of representatives, it distributes its products in a completely systematic way and by creating a wide network. It provides sales and after-sales services throughout Golestan province.

Since 1390, Besharti Far-Nafee facilities specialized center as a sales representative and after-sales service for heating and cooling products of Bosch, Sanika, Baymak, Ata and Irfel in Turkey and the official sales and after-sales service representative of Iran Radiator Company, technology transfer and presentation Services. Get the best service.

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